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P - Shape Conservatories

What is a P-Shaped Conservatory?

The P-Shaped conservatory combines different styles such as the Victorian and Lean-to, in order to create a stylish and unique structure.

This innovative design provides an ingenious way of bringing two traditional-style conservatories together in order to create a distinctive and contemporary conservatory.

For those homeowners who favor the grandeur of the Victorian but find themselves wanting more space, the P-Shaped conservatory is ideal.

The wonderful combination of styles allows you to benefit from the same glamorous aesthetics – just on a larger scale.


 P-shape as a dining room and the rounded part as a playroom for the children. P-shaped conservatories will extend in different directions, which makes them perfect for use as two separate living spaces.


Triple glazing will reduce your energy bills, making your home warmer, safer, and quieter. 

Pvc frame available in different colors 

Victorian Conservatories

What Is A Victorian Conservatory?

The Victorian conservatory is an affordable and stylish way of adding space and visual appeal to your home.

This traditional conservatory style is characterized by its multi-faceted design and classic appearance. A typical Victorian conservatory will feature beautiful French doors and delicately framed glass.

Homeowners favoring traditional styles will find themselves inevitably drawn to this classic conservatory design.

This style can be fully glazed or have a dwarf wall incorporated into its base. Which option you choose will depend on your design requirements, however, a dwarf wall or solid conservatory roof will offer more privacy and insulation.

Your new conservatory will give you: More light, more space, and increase the value to your home.

Victorian conservatorie. Triple A Window

All Triple A Window conservatory profiles are available in a range of colors so you can tailor the finish according to the individual style of your property.

Edwardian / Georgian  

What is an Edwardian Conservatory?
The Edwardian conservatory combines clean symmetrical shapes with delicate finishing touches, resulting in a classic yet understated conservatory style.
This flat-walled conservatory is perfect for those seeking a simple and uncomplicated design.
Extend and renovate your existing house to create a spacious new lounge or playroom. Considering an additional dining room?
The Edwardian’s symmetrical design means it has the perfect proportions for a seating area.
Simply after extra living space? The Edwardian can provide you with just that and more. 
This design is highly versatile and presents you with endless opportunities.
The Edwardian conservatory comes in a range of different build types. The style you choose will be dependent on the size and space you have available. Your trusted conservatory company will be able to recommend the best style for your property and specifications.


By adding a conservatory to your house, you are bringing a whole new dimension to living. It gives you an additional room. Use as you choose, a playroom, dining room, entertaining room, or just your own retreat.

Your new conservatory will give you: More light, more space, and increase value of your home.


Lantern Conservatories

Why choose a lantern conservatory?

Lantern conservatories are the original conservatory style. They look great on period properties, particularly unique cottages, and character homes. They are equally impressive when installed on more modern homes. Their stylish design will successfully complement both traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

Lantern roof conservatories can be designed to meet your exact specifications. They are fabricated in rectangular sections to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of installations and can be up to 4m x 6m in size. When you want to enhance your home, a lantern roof conservatory is an excellent idea.

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